About Us

We are a group of scientists who graduated from Harvard Medical School. As descendants of the great explorers Marco Polo and Captain James Cook, we traveled the envatoworld in search of all natural ingredients that are known to create long-lasting energy. We talked to the Queen of England, African soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Anthropologists in Egypt to discover the ingredients that worked best for them.

When we came back to the United States, we started working with Nike to finalize our Hasty Energy drink, and get it out to those who need it!envato

Our company, Hasty Energy Co., has departments of Health, Human Rights, Science and Research, all working together to constantly improve the way of life for humans in a Go-Go-Go society. We work with people, for people, to help the people, and are not interested in making a profit. That is why our Hasty Energy drink only costs $0.99, and is given out free to all college campuses during finals weeks. We also send our product around to third-world countries, who need the energy to industrialize and better their ways of life.

Hasty Energy, push yourself over the limit at maximum speed!


While drinking Hasty Energy or HE-Man kids like to call it these days, there is nothing that can stop you. The drink is not only tasty, but it'll give you the jittery sensation that you desire. That state of mind where you can feel invincible. Ingredients such as taurine and glucuronolactone help the human body forget the definition of being tired, sometimes you might not even blink for fifteen minutes when drinking H-Energy. It contains most of the B-group vitamins that help the body fluids like blood, fat, and protein. These vitamins are also found in poultry and vegetables. Since these vitamins are essential in our diet, putting these in Hasty-Energy was no question. Hasty-Energy contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of filtered coffee, but coffee doesn't have the vitamins like we do. Neither does it keep your mind focused for as even half the effect of H-Energy.
            Is it because we don't use corn starch? Maybe, whatever the reason is, H-Energy is damn tasty and effective which shows the competitors that we are on a different level. Red bull only lasts about thirty minutes, Rockstars contain too much sugar, Monsters are just not even good for you're body, but NoS can also keep you up, only when you drink three bottles. With one bottle of H-Energy, you're guaranteed have you body, mind, and even the soul to be one. Adding ingredients such as aloe helped us find the right taste for the drink. We had ideas such as even adding fruity tastes, but aloe did more then the job. H-Energy has a low level of carbonation. Adding in some Aloe Vera gels in the drink not only makes up for the carbonation part, but it also added a great taste. We had researchers all over the world to find the true Aloe Vera when they came across Madagascar off in eastern Africa.
            Overall, H-Energy contains ingredients only for the human body. Helping you focus and much more aware of your surrounding, it is the tastiest energy drink yet. Aloe Vera gels are very delicious and healthy, but we also do have different flavors such as fruit punch and sugarless which doesn't mean it's any different; it's only preference. We already won most of the American students choice in energy drinks. We already sponsored  quite some teams in the March Madness. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete or an chem-major, H-Energy is not only tasty, but it works!

News and Events

Suspended Energy Drink!

Kasey Keller was suspended for yesterdaysSounders game because envatohe was tested positive for illegal subtances. He later commented that the substance came from a Crush energy drink. Well Kasey, next time try some H-Energy instead.

New H-Energy Faulty Study

A new study from the Drink corp. has falsely accused H-Energy of having certain high-risk side effects such as nausea and vomiting, heart irregularities, and sometimes even death. We at Hasty Energy would like to point out that these studies were done on sickly patients with pre-existing conditions. Please don't be fooled by the Drink corps unethical accusations.


"I've been a cross country runner for 6 years. I've tried every energy envatodrink I can think of and they all don't work. H-Energy is the only product that gives me long lasting, healthy energy."

Julia Tingstad

"I used to fall asleep in all my classes at Bellevue College, but nowthat I'm finally drinking HE-man I can envatostay awake during class and work. When my five finals hit at the end of each quarter, Hasty is my best friend. It's too tasty."

Michael Tea


envato"I pity the fool that drinks anything other thanHasty energy."


Dan Park

"Without Hasty Energy I wouldn't have beenable to stay up for the envatowhole 24 hour "Relay for Life". So in a way, Hasty Energy volunteers vicariously through me. Good job H-Energy."

Brett Satterlund