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Hasty Energy, push yourself over the limit at maximum speed!

Click here to have Billy Mays tell you why you should swtich to Hasty Energy.


About H-Energy

Ever feel the need to stay up for 24 to 48 hours? Like tasty beverages? Hate guarana? Then this Hasty product is right for you. We used tasty, all natural ingredients, like aloe, to create an energy drink that will keep you up for days at a time, when you really need that extra time to get a project done for work or school. After many trials on volunteer patients (all were very well paid, and no animals involved!) we discovered an energy drink that will not make you crash, give you a jittery high, or cause any side affects other than swift unlimited energy!


Why Hasty Energy?

Have you ever had an energy drink that made your shake? Or how about one that made you crash in hour or so? Well Hasty Energy doesn't have any of these side effects because we use all natural ingredients.

What We DO

We make a great tasting, fulfilling, energy filled, healthy, no fillers added energy drink. Try some right now for the low price of $0.99, can't get any better than that!

Where We Do

Based out of Bellevue, Wa., Hasty Energy Co. has been making energy happen all quarter. Come stop by and get a free 6-pack for your next event*.

*free 6 pack is only with a purchase of $150 or more